Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Trip into Texas

 First stop in our search for warmer weather was to visit our daughter and new Grandson in Dallas. What a precious and perfect little guy and a great addition to the family. We could only stay a couple of days, but we got all the snuggle time we could with the little guy!!!

 After that it was south to the Hill Country and the crappy weather just seemed to follow us, cold, overcast and rainy was the theme for the week. We did get to visit with Sheryl's brother in Austin, but mainly we just hunkered down and stayed warm in the rig.

 Guadalupe River State Park

 Abandon Homestead

 After  a week of gloomy weather in the Hill Country an escape was in order. We set our sights on Corpus Christi and the Texas Coast. Well as our luck would have it, the same gloomy weather followed us and adding insult to injury, the wind constantly screamed. Looking at the forecast it seemed there was no let up in sight.............time to get out of dodge!!!

 Not wanting to head northbound yet, still a few weeks before we need to be back in OKC, San Antonio looked promising for better warmer weather. We packed up the rig and pointed her that way. We have been in San Antonio and Lackland AFB now for 2 weeks and the weather has been much better, finally!!! We spent most of our time here just soaking up the warmth. Between Sheryl and I, we've been here more times than we care to count and have seen and done most everything we care to do here.

 However we did check out the new Military Working Dog Monument and the Security Forces Museum here on base.

While visiting the museum, I got to talking with the tour guide and through our conversation I found out he was the first USAF K-9 Handler deployed to Vietnam. We had a great conversation and when he found out I was also a K-9 Handler he honored me with one of his coins. For those not familiar with the Military Coin Tradition, they were given to unit member as a sign of comradely. They still hold that significance but also are given out as a sign of respect or accomplishment between members.

So that should catch us up for now, we were going to leave San Antonio today, but the rains came last night and will be with us all day today. We put off leaving until tomorrow when it will be much better for travelling. So until next time.............................


  1. It only seems natural when you want the weather to be perfect it has other plans.
    Is the monument and museum on the base itself or can non-military persons visit it as well?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It is on the base, but I believe anyone can go see them, as there are lots of visitors for all the military basic training and school graduations they have here.