Monday, November 17, 2014

RV Doctor Appointment

It's been a few days and not a whole lot to post about. Mainly we have been holed up in the Motorhome due to the weather, seems it's been below freezing ever since we got here. Our main priority has been to make sure the water pipes inside the RV don't freeze and break, we've taken several measures and so far so good.
The primary issue we are having right now is still our main living room slide. We have contacted a couple of Mobile RV Services, but they don't seem to interested in our business as we haven't heard back from them. Even our regular RV guy seems to have quit answering his phone and hasn't returned many of his regular customers calls either.  However with a little help from the Camp Host, put us in contact with a RV Repair facility, who folks in the park have had good luck with, and we have an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at. We were hoping to have a mobile service come out an look at it, but we need to go out and get propane anyway, so we'll just kill to birds with one stone and hope for a quick fix.
Looks like the weather is supposed to get a bit warmer, so maybe we can get out and shake this cabin fever. That's it for now, thanks for following along and we'll let you know what happens with the slide on our next post.

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