Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Good News, we found an RV Shop to fix our slide out issues, and it's just down from the RV Park. We dropped the rig off at around 10:30 yesterday, and they called at 1:30 saying it was all set and good to go. Got to love a quick easy fix, turned out to be a broken pin which connects the slide out motor to a shaft which drives the gearing at the other end. Thank goodness that's all it was, it's nice to have our home back and in working order. Now it's just a matter of waiting around for a couple more follow up appointments and we can be off and running again to warmer parts to ride out the rest of winter!!! That's it for now and we'll see you next time from a sunny but brisk OKC.


  1. Great news and what a relief! Now maybe get a spare pin and keep it on hand. That way it will never happen again! ;c)