Friday, January 3, 2014

Kayaking Boca Chica

 We had been planning a kayak trip for New Years Day with several folks from the park, however due to the aftermath of  New Years Eve, the trip was postponed a So, Thursday, we were up and headed to Boca Chica Key, approx 10 miles from Key West and home of NAS Key West. We had a total of 8 kayaks on this trip, a smaller group than before, but just as much fun. The trip began along the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean for approx a 1/4 mile.

 We turned into a mangrove river and began our exploration of the area.

 We all had fun paddling and chatting the day away.

 The farther into the groves we went,the narrower the river became, although nothing like the tunnels we experienced on our last trip.

 After about a mile or so of paddling we popped out of the groves into an inland salt lake, where we hung out for a while, chatted and contemplated lunch. Once lunch plans were made, we reversed course and headed back.

 We emerged again to the Atlantic, however the winds had seemed to pick up and we had to paddle into a pretty strong head wind on the open water. By the time we made it to our put in point we were all pretty spent, we loaded up and off to lunch we went.

It was another great day on the water and another successful adventure in the bag. We only have a couple more days here in Key West before we start heading north, not too fast mind you, but north bound never the less. So with our adventures behind us, we will see you next time right back here................

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