Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blue Spring State Park

 We made it into Sanford, FL. safe and sound and got settled into our spot at the Town and Country RV Park. This time we are in a spot well away from the dumpsters and the roving bear who feeds himself there nightly. Yesterday, we decided before the weather made a turn for the worst, we would take a short trip to Blue Springs State Park just north of Sanford. Being winter in FL. the Manatees like to take refuge in the warmer waters of the springs, which are a constant 72 degrees. Last time we were in FL it was a little early in the season to see the Manatees and we were only able to see one up at Manatee Springs.

 Now with this being January, and much cooler in the year, Blue Springs was loaded with the big guys, there were at least 50 taking advantage of the warm waters. The good and bad thing about this time of year is they close the springs to any type of water activities (swimming, canoe/kayaking, snorkeling, etc) to protect and and keep people from harassing them, so you can only view them from the raised boardwalk.

 We spent a couple of hours watching them swim about, play, sleep and just enjoy life. We even had the rare opportunity to catch this guy nibbling on a freshly downed palm tree.

 The park is also home to one of the original homes in the area, built in the late 1800s and overlooks the confluence of Blue Spring Run and the St. Johns River. The park also has a campground, store, gift shop and a boardwalk which runs the length of the waterway.

 As luck would have it, I was able to get some pretty good shot from the boardwalk and viewing areas.

To include this shy creature, who for many years used to run at the sight of a camera, but now makes a great subject as she has became used to having the crazy guy with the camera around and the lens pointed in her direction :)

That was our day out for now, so if you are in FL during the winter months and wish to see some of the beautiful creatures (sorry the one in the blue jackets is taken) be sure to visit Blue Spring State Park, you won't be disappointed. Thats all for this issue, stay tuned for more from Central Florida and we'll see you then!!!

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  1. Great pictures of all that incredible beauty, especially the one in the blue jacket! ;c)