Thursday, July 18, 2013

On the Road Again

The day has finally come and Sheryls doctors have given her the all clear to travel!!! Yes, last week we started our grand adventure once again. We are currently in Ft Smith, AR. We spent a week at Devils Den State Park, AR.  before arriving here. The park had no cellphone or WiFi service, hence the late posting, but more on that later. I guess a little update is in order, since we haven't posted in 6  months. When we last posted my (Kevin) back and neck were all jacked up and was preparing for surgery. Well the darnedset thing happend, about two weeks before the surgery, I woke up one morning and all the pain was gone!!!  We went in for my schedule pre op appointment,  told the doc what had happened, and he said, no need to touch you then unless it comes back. Yes the damage is still there, but I'll take the no op and no pain any day!!!

Poor Sheryl has had a few scares over the past several months, but all is well now. No back surgery for her either and her heart is fit as a fiddle.

So, just a quick update, that all is well with us an as Willy Nelson so eloquent ly put it "we're on the road again"

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