Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and the Hunt

 Happy belated Thanksgiving all as I still play catch up with the blog. Our Thanksgiving went well, with almost 30 family members showing up. Now some may say, that's not all that many?? True, but in today's day and age, with family scattered all over the U.S. it actually can be quite a group. Combine that with the cold weather and a small farm house, it turned out to be quite hectic, but fun!!! Sheryl seemed to be Cook in Charge this year (as most years) as she directed with the talent of a Executive Chef, ok, she may have a few more wrinkles and gray hair from the experience, but in the end everything turned out Great!!!

 Four Generations were able to attend and this is just a small sampling seated at the farm house table. The other 20 folks were siting and standing anyplace they could find room. We decided the farm is getting alittle to small for large gatherings in cold weather, so maybe 4th of July gathering maybe better, lots of room outside to sit and mmmmmm BBQ.

 Many of the men folk brought there guns for a little hunting and target practice. Here our daughter shoots my .40 for the first time. Instructed by her husband, she has quite the

 An unforgettable Father/Son experience as Sheryl's brother helps his son shoot for the first time. Love this picture.
 The mighty hunters headed back in, empty

 I went out with them just to get out (I'm not a hunter) It stuck me funny as they walked past this sign. Of course the sign is on our property.

A parting shot of Sheryl, her brother George and Sister Carol.

All and all the holiday went well, we all ate much more than we should have (whats new), got to see and catch up with distant relatives and just have an all around good time. Keeping the memory of the farm is very important to this family and it is great that they are able to do it.

Ok, looks like I'm all caught up, it's now Monday and were planning on heading back towards OKC on Wed to spend the Christmas holidays with the most of our kids. We'll also be finishing up some medical appointments before making our way towards warmer weather. This spending the cold months in the cold states is for the birds!!! Come to think of it, the birds are smarter as they are alreadys heading south for the winter!!! Take Care and see soon.

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