Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

 The ole farm house is still standing, built in 1926 by Sheryl's Grandfather, her Grandparents homesteaded this 400 acre farm here in South West Kansas. The land is now leased out to a local farmer, but the house and out buildings are kept up for family gatherings and respect to the family. No one lives on the property, but everything is still in working order, just needs alittle TLC when getting ready for a gathering.

The old house is just 4 small rooms, hard to believe 10 people lived here at one time, just the way it was back in the day. Here Sheryl is tending to her Grandparents room and nothing has changed in it since their passing.

We are expecting over 20 people to show this year (and they did) quite the crowd for such a small place, but more on that later. Between us and one of Sheryl's brothers, we got the place all cleaned up and ready for the holidays. Now just waiting for the crowd to trickle in.

That's all for this episode and stay tuned for more as I break this down time into smaller bite size segments. See you then.

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  1. That's really cool that the house has been retained in the family. Nice to see history preserved. :c)

    Maybe you could change your security settings on your new blog. Trying to decipher those squiggly letters and numbers is tough on my old eyes... ;c)