Sunday, October 9, 2016

Relaxing at Ft Chaffee

 It has been a relaxing 5 days here at Ft Chaffee, but our time here has come to an end. We will be heading out in the morning for Eastern Arkansas and Village Creek State Park. We are looking forward to someplace we haven't stayed before. Poor Sheryl has been nursing a cold that the grandkids so lovingly gave to her before we left OKC, so she's been feeling kinda rotten. Good thing we've been here several times before and have seen most of the sights. I did get out for a few hours the other day, heard of a place called Natural Dam and wanted to check it out. Once I arrived I was pretty disappointed, there was no water flowing over the 50' wide dam, just a trickle at the far end. The above shot is all I was able to capture. I'm sure in the spring when water is really flowing it's a beautiful place.

 Not to be detoured, I found a walking path and headed upstream and was able to get this shot from a rocky island in the middle of the stream.

After Natural Dam, I pointed the Jeep eastward to explore the Cherokee Prairie Natural Area, the largest expanse of wild prairie left in the Arkansas River Valley. Again fall is not the time to come expecting lush vegetation and wild flowers, spring would be the optimal time. However I was able to find some green and red turning foliage to add a little color to the scene. These are two places we will definitely return to if we happen by in the spring time.
Again, not a whole lot happening our way, just relaxing and cold fighting. Hoping Sheryl is feeling better tomorrow for our trip eastward. So that's all for now, see you next time from Village Creek S.P.

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  1. Fascinating nature! Just the place to relax.