Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Always Something

As with any RV, there's always something going on with them. As for our new coach, two plumming leaks have been detected. I was able to fix the first one, easy pesy. The second one was a bit beyond my skill and availible tool level. Seems the other day we walk into the bedroom and the carpet by the bathroom sink area is wet....of course we both go into minor panic mode as it had rained the day before. We'll I looked under the bathroom sink area and there it was, a wet cold water hose going up to the sink....damn. but at least I found the culprit. A little further investigation revealed a sink connection I'd never seen before and knew I didn't have the tools needed to take it apart. So lucky for us there are some very good Mobile RV Repair guys in the area. So I contacted the one we like to use the most. He was able to come out the same day to assess  the problem. Long story short, a new faucet was needed as they don't offer the repair parts needed to fix it. Ok, simple enough, install a new faucet and be done.....nope. seems they don't sell the same style faucet with braided water lines anymore. Had to get one with solid copper lines and then make extensions for them to reach the RV water lines, way beyond my skill level. Of course more and more RV'S are coming with residential style fixtures, which of course come at a higher cost then the cheaper RV fixtures, so we just had to bite the bullet there. Anyway, $280.00 later we are all fixed and with a shiny new bathroom faucet. Ok. That's the new news with our new to us rig, I'm sure we'll  find other little things that need attention as we get to know it more and more. So take care and we'll see you fine folks back here again!!!

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  1. Ouch! But the end result looks great and you fixed the problem for good.