Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Week in Paradise

 These last 10 days or so have been typical for our time here, with the exception of our trip to Miami.  Our little Grand Daughter was being Baptized and we wanted to be there. We loaded up and headed north towards our sons house in the Miami area. We spent the night with him, enjoyed a good dinner and visited the evening away. The next morning we were off to the church for the ceremony, and a celebration lunch at our daughter in laws parents home. The ceremony went well and her parents put out quite the spread. We were enjoying our visit but had to cut it short, in order to make it back to Key West before it got to late.

 This is a typical gathering which occurs every couple of days. Seems one person or another in our group of friends is putting together some sort of feast. It's great to have good friends here and we have met many.

 Our time in full hook up was over before we knew it this time. Amazing just how fast two weeks can go. However, that being said, we still scored a pretty good spot in the dry camp area, the water is just behind that row of RV's. The view from up higher inside the coach is much better.
One main thing we noticed on Dry Camping vs Full Hook Up here in Key West (probably applies most anywhere). You tend to get outside more in Dry Camp and visit or just sit outside, as opposed to staying cooped up inside staring at the TV. Sure makes it nice, being out enjoying the weather, watching the sunsets and visiting with folks.

 Speaking of getting out and enjoying the weather. The girls were finally able to get out and enjoy the water. It's been almost a 1 1/2 months since the weather has been nice enough to get out on their floaties. Sheryl and her friends sure made the best of it, even had the husbands playing Cabana Boy for them, you know fetching them drinks and such.........well as they say, happy wife, happy

The other up date from a couple of weeks ago are Sheryl's finished Coconut Fish. She has been really busy learning new crafts and diving in head first.
The base also held their monthly Craft/Yard Sale event. I got a table and was able to sell several of my photos again. Sure is a nice boost to the ole ego to have people enjoy your work enough to buy pieces of it to display in their homes.
Of course there are all the other day to day chores that come with full timing, it's not all parties and sunsets here in paradise, ok, well may be it is but don't tell  That's all for now and we'll see you next time................................

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  1. Sorry to see you're not having any fun in Key West... :cD