Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Recall Complete

Last year there was a big recall (one of many for the auto industry) on the Jeep Liberty for possible gas tank explosion/fire if rear ended. The reason was lack of protection and the gas tank location (remember the Pinto). Early this year Jeep contacted us and advised our Jeep was part of the recall, however there was not enough parts on hand to fix the problem. A couple of months ago, we received another letter letting us know the parts were now on hand. I contacted the local Jeep dealer here in OKC and scheduled an appointment for today. Jeep's fix for the problem was to install a trailer hitch which basically surrounds the gas tank with a steel cage.
I had the hitch installed today, the Jeep dealer was great about it even though we didn't buy the vehicle form them. Having this done has a three prong affect for us, first and foremost, peace of mind for the safety it provides. Second, we can use a hitch style bike rack instead of the one we now use (strapped to the spare tire) which I never really liked. And third, it now gives the Jeep a rear recovery point (place to hook a tow rope/winch line) incase we get stuck while our off roading.
So that was the big excitement for today, other than that we've just been riding out the cold weather and siting tight in the rig since returning from our Thanksgiving trip. That's all the news that's fit to print, thanks for following along and we'll see you back here next time.............................

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