Monday, March 10, 2014

Elliana Has Arrived!!!

 At 11:56 am today, our little Grand Daughter Elliana made her appearance into the world. Kaileigh and Josh did a natural home birth and all went well. Sheryl the proud Grandma was there every step of the way. We got the call at 2 something this morning and rushed right over. It was great that Sheryl got to witness and help with the birth and husband Josh actually was able to deliver his daughter. My Job, keep Clara out of the house and entertained. At about 3pm Clara and I were able to come back and see the little one.

Clara the proud big sister.

These are just a couple of cell phone pics to announce her birth. We'll get some better ones after everyone has recovered in a day or two. We are all super excited and very proud of Josh and Kaileigh for how well everything went.
That's the big news for today so until next time...................

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